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The following are inspiring stories of Iglesia ni Cristo converts from around the world. Many of these true to life stories are from many years back but  their stories are still relevant, most particularly, to those who are presently studying the Iglesia ni Cristo. We hope that by reading their stories people may come to understand the workings on "how God calls people", that is,  how God move, draw and give people the desire to study His words written in the Holy Bible; and that by these convert stories other people may also be inspired to continue their search for the true Church of Christ.

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"God has definitely touched my life" Tomio Horie Kawasaki, Japan Buddhist Former Religion:
     I was raised by my parents believing that freeing oneself from material desires, a practicing Buddhist can attain nirvana or spiritual peace. Once a Buddhist has attained nirvana, he will then be able to use his time to improve the world. I had no idea about God then. My idea of divinity was the statue of Buddha with his arms folded on his lap and a beatific smile on his face.
Iglesia ni Cristo:
     The teaching that had the biggest impact on me was the existence of the one true God, the Father. . . . .  I came from a place where most people do not believe in God, but because of His overflowing love for me, He called me to His Church and gave me the chance to serve Him. I am truly fortunate because the words of God guided me to become a member of the true Church of Christ. Now I am certain of salvation.
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"I was called and chosen" Amit Ranjan India Hindu Former Religion:
      I am an Indian national. I was raised in India, the country known as the cradle of Hinduism,   and never did it occur to me that one day I'll change my religion. . . . The religion I grew up to was completely different . . . . I grew up celebrating grand Hindu festivals, prayed to all Hindu gods (feeling then that my prayers were also heard and answered), followed Hindu traditions, and so on.
Iglesia ni Cristo:
      I attended the worship services on my own but in all those times, I still kept asking myself what I was doing there. I was far from being comfortable. I didn't know  anybody. I felt that   I   was    like   a   stranger surrounded by strangers with a strange faith being preached to me. What I didn't perceive at that time was that God was calling me and He guided my steps to the place of worship on  the scheduled  time   to keep attending the worship services. . . . After several months of continuous attendance in the worship services, I felt there must be something I needed to discover and so, I prayed to God to show me the reason why I should believe in this Church, when all other religions around the globe also claim that they are of God. I communed with God in prayers, asking Him that if He is true and this faith is true, that He make me feel His presence. By then, I had already learned to say a heartfelt prayer and sing the hymns during the worship services as well. . . . .   Today, I am no longer the stranger I used to be but an active member of the true Church. I make sure to participate in all Church activities and no matter how tight my work schedule is, I try hard not to miss any of the worship services because it is where I feel most at peace with God and with myself.
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"God accepts men from every nation who heed His call" Ja-Hoon Ku,
Hae-Eun Cheong, and Vincent Boram Son
South Korea Korean Christian Church, a Protestant, and a Catholic respectively       THERE ARE THINGS in life that take place in a straightforward   manner  but, undeniably,  certain surprising twists do bring to the fore God's plan. Such is what happened to Brothers Ja-Hoon Ku, Hae-Eu Cheong, and Vincent Boram Son. From their homeland Korea, they came to the Philippines without any inkling that one day they would be called by God to the true Church and that they would, indeed, listen to His call.
      Mr. Ku, a civil  engineer   and   a   housing   and condominium developer, decided to build the core of his business in the Philippines. . .  With him in his venture was Mr. Cheong, a mechanical engineer, who has been working for him for 20 years now. They then needed someone fluent in the Korean, English, and Filipino languages to serve as their interpreter. Like pieces in a puzzle falling into place, they met Mr. Son. . . .
      The language barrier  did not hinder Brothers Ku and Cheong from joining the Church. With Brother Son acting as the group's official translator, and Brothers Ku and Cheong bringing their own Bibles written in the Korean language,   the biblical   instructions  went underway.  A typical lesson took almost two hours to complete, primarily because of the translation needed for Brothers Ku and Cheong to fully   grasp   the lessons taught. Still, they managed to go through all the lessons. The three of them were eager to ask their questions which Brother Roldan A. Gavino, a minister of the gospel, answered by reading  verses written in the Bible.
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I was once in darkness Yusuki Fukuzumi Yokohama, Japan Buddhist Former Religion:
      DESCENDING   from  a  Samurai family that existed some twelve generations ago.  I was born in Yokohama, Japan on July 29, 1928. From birth, I was a Buddhist . . . . . . Though I have always believed in one God who is the creator of things,   I   had  never  before given  much   attention   to  any formal religion.   I did  not even know how to distinguish any religion before.   I thought all religions  were the same.
Iglesia ni Cristo:
      The first thing I noticed when we entered  the Iglesia ni  Cristo house of worship in Quiapo was the sitting arrangement  separating the male from the female.   When the choir sang, I was deeply touched.   Later, I also noticed that the members were meditating on the sermon being delivered by the minister. That morning moved me so deeply that I felt as if God Himself was talking to me. . . . . . So  on  our first  meeting,   I asked Brother Flores many questions about religion all of which he answered directly from the Holy Bible.   In fact, even before I could shoot a question he would read verses from the Bible amazingly  anticipating  what was in my mind.. . . .   Before we parted, Brother Flores led a prayer, and while we were praying I felt a strange sensation taking hold of me which I could not explain.
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"I found God at last" Elaine Garcia Manipol Bangkok, Thailand Catholic

Former Religion:
     MY PARENTS ARE Filipinos but I was born and raised in
Bangkok, Thailand. . . . . I was born a Catholic. I attended a Seventh-day Adventist school in Bangkok, and finished high school from the Holy Family Catholic School in Baguio City, Philippines. . . .  I was sent to Saint Louis University in Baguio City for my college education. It was during my third year in BS Architecture when I experienced extreme difficulties and trials in life.. . .     Along with my heartache and loneliness due to the absence of my parents, I was longing for a true friend, Jesus Christ. I started my days by waking up early, watching religious television shows, listening to religious radio programs, and reading the Bible and “Bread of Life” handbooks. I often went to various cathedrals to join other religious groups in their gatherings and I prayed more than I usually did. I needed to hear the words of God to enlighten me spiritually and morally. In spite of these, I still felt an emptiness in my heart.
Iglesia ni Cristo:

I will never forget how I was introduced to the Church of Christ. A classmate of mine and now my best friend, Nathalie Venson, played a great role in my life. God gave me a friend who exemplified a life of virtue and righteousness. She showed me her devotion as an officer and choir member in the Church that kept her steadfast in her faith despite all problems. The first time she invited me to attend their worship service, I did not refuse. In fact, I was very eager to go with her.       During the worship service, I was really inspired by the lyrics of the hymns. The lesson was even related to my needs—on the importance of praying in the face of trials. An inspiring phrase that opened my heart was Psalms 91:14-16 which says that God will protect and save those who love Him and those who acknowledge His name. In tears, I poured out my burdens during the prayer. I realized I found God at last. He was with me and still comforting me even after the worship service.
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"A turning point in my life" Shinji Fuji Tokyo, Japan No religious affiliation

      I spent my boyhood amidst Japan’s high economic growth period when young people were exposed to fierce competition for good educational and employment opportunities. What I valued most in my life at that time was the pursuit of material prosperity, an enhanced standard of living, and a higher rung in the social ladder. Thus, I would get up early in the morning, work until late at night, come home for a nap, and leave home for work again the next morning. This was my daily routine.      What changed my daily routine was the death of my mother. At the turn of 1995, her health declined and, three months later, she died. . . .           The painful loss of my mother drove me to drink much—wandering about town every night. I lost the will to live and I had no direction in life—like a kite without a string.
Iglesia ni Cristo:

     I was nervous at first and I felt uneasy. But, as I continued to listen and attend the Bible study sessions, the lessons I heard began to form an integral part of my life. I did not know where the sense of fulfillment I felt at that time came from. I anxiously and enthusiastically attended all the Bible study sessions. I discovered many wonderful and inspiring truths such as, “Persevere to the end”, “Do your best in any circumstance”. “Abandon your vices and completely renew your life”; and “Walk in the righteous path according to God’s will.” What I learned in the Bible studies and in the worship services touched my soul. The words of God moved me, encouraged me, and restored me during a low point in my life.
     I was baptized on September 13, 1997 in Atsugi Base, Japan. The moment of my body was in the water, I felt reborn. I finally found what I had been looking for, and I found it in the Church of Christ
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