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The following are inspiring stories of Iglesia ni Cristo converts from around the world. Many of these true to life stories are from many years back but  their stories are still relevant, most particularly, to those who are presently studying the Iglesia ni Cristo. We hope that by reading their stories people may come to understand the workings on "how God calls people", that is,  how God move, draw and give people the desire to study His words written in the Holy Bible; and that by these convert stories other people may also be inspired to continue their search for the true Church of Christ.

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"I received a great grace from God" Marco Boni Rome, Italy Catholic (Member) Former Religion:
      In the light of this truth, I asked where the Catholic Church draws the origin of the teaching regarding the so-called Trinity. He read two passages from the book "Discourses on the Apostles Creed" written by a Catholic priest in which it says that in the Council of Nicaea, in 325 A.D., the Catholic Church defined that it was an article of faith that Jesus Christ is God; and in the Council of Constantinople, in 381 A.D., that the Holy Spirit is God. There are no biblical bases of the teaching of the so-called Trinity. This fact made me deeply upset, so much that I asked a priest whom I recognized then for an explanation. But rather than answering me in a calm manner, he was outraged and sent me away.
Iglesia ni Cristo:
      Any question I asked him he answered by reading verses in the Bible, never in his own words and neither did he pronounce the prophetic sentence of the Catholic priests that it is a "mystery of the faith"!  One of the doctrines that touched me deeply is the truth regarding God and Jesus Christ who, according to some religions are one, but in the Bible, they are two and are entirely different. . . . .   What determined my choice to become a member of the Church of Christ was when I asked Brother Santos to show me where in the Bible we can read that Jesus Christ is not God. He took by hand the Bible and read to me different verses, among which are: John 17:3, John 20:17, and I Timothy 2:5. These verses left me surprised, especially John 20:17 wherein Jesus Christ makes clear that He is not God.
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"A totally new experience for me" Rory Johnstone England, United Kingdom - Tokyo, Japan No religious affiliation Former situation:
    I had no prior religious affiliation. I neither had sets of religious beliefs nor made any attempt to avail myself of the teaching of the Holy Scriptures. I was born to a typical English family in England whose religion is called Church of England. Until now, I am still not sure what this means. But one thing I realized was that it is not the true faith. I have now lived and worked in Tokyo, Japan for one and a half years.     Last year was a time in my life which proved very difficult. My father was diagnosed as having a terminal illness—. My wife and my son returned to the United Kingdom after a turbulent period which resulted in a divorce. On the other hand, my job required me to work almost twenty four hours a day. Because of these, I felt very low and dejected, often contemplating on my life and its severity. Over the past few years, I felt there was something missing in  my life. I have never felt self-satisfaction. I don’t  remember praying or consciously asking for help.
Iglesia ni Cristo:

One day, I unexpectedly met a Church of Christ member from Kowloon Locale in Hongkong. She invited me to attend the worship service the next evening. . . .  During the worship service, I observed that there were no graven images. I thought I was in the wrong place. However, the solemnity of the worship service made me feel very humble—the segregation of the male and female worshippers, the uplifting hymns, the formality and respect of the offerings, the honest message delivered by the resident minister, and above all, the sincerity of the highly spiritual prayers. I felt very different. It was totally new and unexpected. Before returning to Tokyo, I attended one more worship service and was handed a pamphlet entitled, Introducing the Iglesia ni Cristo.   I read the said pamphlet with a great deal of interest and referred to an old Bible. I checked the quoted references, all of which I found to be true. This was something that has always made me feel secure—the pureness of the Church and her sheer observance of the Holy Scriptures. . . . . . I found our Bible study very enlightening. The truth about the Catholic Church and her teachings was equally astonishing. I learned the true way of attaining salvation. I also continued with my Bible study, attending worship services twice a week until I was finally baptized in Ibaraki, Japan
.              I have always felt how refreshing it is to be able to find a true and a unique Church in today’s world of false prophets. I can now stand up with certainty that the Church I entered is the one and only true Church. I am now able to cope with life’s trials and tribulations. I can always find solace and peace in our loving Father.
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"I thank God for calling me"

Karl Metzinger Vienna, Austria Catholic

Former Religion:
WAS BAPTIZED into the Catholic Church in the same way as my parents, grandparents, and most of the people in Austria were baptized. During my school days, I attended the mass and other religious activities regularly.
. . .
I believed then, that I was worshipping the true God so I did not realize that I was following man-made teachings like worshipping images. . . . . At the age of 21, I stopped attending religious activities because of my ambition to get into sports. . . . My mind was no longer set on reaching that most important goal—being prepared for the second coming of Christ on Judgment Day. For many years, I wandered away from “salvation’s path” and lived without hope until one daysomethingsomethinghunexpected appeneddto my life.my life.
Iglesia ni Cristo:
In June 1991, I took a trip to the Philippines where I met Airen Borlagadan. I was so impressed by her kindness that I kept her address before I left the country. . . .  After a few days, I wrote a letter to her. Coincidentally, I also received a letter from her. In her letters, she asked me about my religion and she also told me that she is a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo or Church of Christ.  She emphasized that this is the true religion where God commanded people to enter.  So If I wanted to learn more about her religion, she would be glad to invite me to go to her church with her and her family. At that time, it does not really matter to me, which church one belongs, as long as he leads a Christian way of life. But later on, I changed my mind and finally decided to inquire into the teachings of her church, the Iglesia ni Cristo, with her assistance. . . . .  When I returned to the Philippines to visit Airen in March 1992, I attended my first worship service in her church and the solemnness of the occasion gave me a good feeling. I had never felt this before. One thing I noticed was the deep devotion of the worshippers. I was also impressed with the way the minister expounded the teachings written in the Bible. Moreover, the brotherhood and the unity among the members (as I learned later) made me interested to learn more about the Church of Christ
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"I am now part of the Lord’s Church" Marcel Voshol Dordrecht, Netherlands Protestant Former Religion: 
     Although I was born a Protestant, I never went to church. When I reached the age of 20, I started to wonder and think about what would happen to me when I die. It was then that I started to become interested in religion. There are so many different churches in the Netherlands but for some reasons I never attended any of their worship services.

Iglesia ni Cristo:

     I agreed to go and what I saw really surprised me. There were so many people in one place listening to a man preaching about God. It was really a different experience seeing all those people.
. . .   Attending worship service soon became my next goal. Dressed up in  my best clothes, we went to the place of worship—a huge worship building situated at the center of Cebu City. Inside the building of worship, I was surprised to see the men and women sitting separately. I was ushered to the next seat vacant and waited for the start of the worship service. During the worship service, something different happened to me. While I was listening to the lesson, I experienced a strange, indescribable feeling—as if I felt a gentle, invisible hand on my right shoulder. From that moment on, I knew in my heart that I had found the true religion, the Church of Christ
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"I gained more than what I lost"


Marzia Bangrazi Rome, Italy Catholic

Former Religion:
     I was an active member of the Roman Catholic Church. At that time, I was already separated from my husband and was struggling hard in taking care of my two kids on my own.
Iglesia ni Cristo:

Sister Lory persuaded and convinced me to attend the instruction in biblical doctrines in their area, knowing that if I would join the Church and serve the true God, I would find solace for my sufferings. . . . I was so eager to learn the doctrines of the Bible and so I didn’t hesitate to ask everyone many questions. Since then, my close friends and even my relatives had started to change their attitude toward me. But in spite of the fact that they were against what I was doing, I continued attending doctrinal instruction and worship services. During the course of my joining the Church, I encountered hindrances and heavy persecutions; many of my relatives and friends disowned me because of my decision to join the Church. It was my faith in God and conviction to serve Him that made me strong enough to overcome these things.
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"Now I feel God in my life" Gregor Stuckert Erlenbach, Germany Catholic

Former Religion:
Since childhood, my mother would accompany my brother and sisters and me to attend the Catholic Mass on Sundays. . . .  At the age of 12, I told my mother that I would no longer attend church services as I could not feel anything by doing so—I could not feel God. . . . She asked me to go on attending if only for her sake. I agreed but I attended only twice a year and this was during Christmas and Good Friday of the Holy Week. . . . At that young age I already had a lot of questions about so many things concerning my religion. I asked myself why I was baptized as a baby when I could not yet answer for myself. Another big question in my mind was on the doctrine of celibacy. I could not understand why the priests were not allowed to marry when they have all the right to do so. I asked myself why.
Iglesia ni Cristo:

My first attendance in the Iglesia ni Cristp worship service was at Frankfurt Locale sometime in February of 1989. Many things attracted my attention—how the deacons and deaconesses were formally dressed, the seating arrangement that separated the men from the women, and the solemn atmosphere. I sat down and observed for a while until I, like the others, closed my eyes and prayed. At that moment, I felt something that I have never felt before. It was an overwhelming feeling that I could not describe. . . .  When the minister started to preach, some of the questions that have lingered in  my mind since age 12 were answered one by one. After having attended the worship service, I felt I needed to know more about this Church. There was also this invisible force that seemed like a hand guiding me to attend again and again. For the first time in my life, I found what I was looking for—a peaceful relationship with God.
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