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Latin America

How people from different religions in Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil
in Latin America converted to
the Iglesia ni Cristo.

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The following are inspiring stories of Iglesia ni Cristo converts from around the world. Many of these true to life stories are from many years back but  their stories are still relevant, most particularly, to those who are presently studying the Iglesia ni Cristo. We hope that by reading their stories people may come to understand the workings on "how God calls people", that is,  how God move, draw and give people the desire to study His words written in the Holy Bible; and that by these convert stories other people may also be inspired to continue their search for the true Church of Christ.

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"I had been seeking God" Elvia M. Garcia Maracaibo, Venezuela Catholic Former Religion:
      I had been seeking God since we were in Venezuela. Back there, we had classes with a Catholic priest. . .With the Catholic priest, we studied the Bible like a history book, starting with Genesis, the first book, and going on until the end. . . . we were using same Bible that we brought with us from Venezuela, the same one the Catholic priest recommends us to read,
Iglesia ni Cristo:
     The method used by Brother San Gabriel was totally different. There  was a subject and he would ask questions and look for the answers in the Bible. He never gave his own opinion. But  what called my attention more was our study of the Ten Commandments in the Book of Exodus. It says that God prohibits us to make an idol to worship; we were using same Bible that we brought with us from Venezuela, the same one the Catholic priest recommends us to read, and I was almost  shock because I had read it several times before but I didn't see that prohibition as clearly as when Brother Gabriel taught us. We continued to learn from the Bible until  we completed the lessons.
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"An answer to God's call" Ricardo M. Vaz Sao Paolo, Brazil Catholic Former Religion:
       We were former Catholics and we  used   to   follow its   traditions without an understanding of why we belonged to this religion.   My attendance in church functions was nothing more than my attendance at a wedding or a funeral.
Iglesia ni Cristo:
       The teachings of the Christ are based solely on the Bible. I found the teaching about the nature of God and of Christ interesting. Other people say they use the same Bible but they do not see the light as the Church of Christ members do. They do not share the same understanding we do.. . . .  My father, Sinval, my  mother  Maria, and myself became the first fruits of the Church in Sao Paolo, Brazil.   After so many months of attending  Bible studies,   we were  enlightened and  were   eventually baptized  on that  glorious  day of December 9, 2000.  After    receiving  the holy baptism,  I felt awakened to a new life, a new beginning!
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