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The following are inspiring stories of Iglesia ni Cristo converts from around the world. Many of these true to life stories are from many years back but  their stories are still relevant, most particularly, to those who are presently studying the Iglesia ni Cristo. We hope that by reading their stories people may come to understand the workings on "how God calls people", that is,  how God move, draw and give people the desire to study His words written in the Holy Bible; and that by these convert stories other people may also be inspired to continue their search for the true Church of Christ.

Inspiring Convert Stories List
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Story Title Name Locale Former Religion Convert Story Highlight
"A farewell to the nunnery" Erlinda Mirafuentes Dela Cruz Philippines Catholic
Former Religion:
     I sought God’s kingdom for 14 years as a nun but I felt there was a vacuum deep in my soul. I started to doubt my religious vocation as a nun. I got tired of reciting and chanting long prayers. I felt a complete dryness in all spiritual exercises. I kept on hoping that someday I may be able to overcome this inner torment.
Iglesia ni Cristo:
     I curiously observed the Iglesia Ni Cristo worship service at Putatan Chapel, Muntinlupa City. To my great surprise, I was deeply touched by the hymn sung by the choir. I couldn’t help but join the brethren in crying throughout the hymn-singing. More so, I was overwhelmed by the impact of the preaching of the minister about the relationship of parents and children. . . . I observed that the more I attended the worship services, the clearer my faith and conviction became that the Iglesia Ni Cristo is the answer to my spiritual dryness when I was inside the convent. . . .  I would experience the power of God and His mighty blessings whenever the ministers and deacons lead the prayer. I had never felt these extraordinary graces when I attended Masses or any liturgical services when I was a nun.
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"The day I entered the fold"

Ernesto Santiago Philippines - Athens, Greece Catholic

Former Religion:
I WAS BORN ON February 26, 1967. I grew up a Catholic and was once an altar boy. I attended school at San Sebastian College, a Catholic school in Manila, Philippines. In 1986, at the age of 18, I moved to Russia where I continued my studies as a scholar at the Kiev State University in Ukraine. . . I lived and studied in that country for seven straight years. , , , ,   I went back to the Philippines in 1993. I found a job, but I was not contented with my life. So, I traveled to Europe to seek a better future and ended up here in Greece. I traveled a lot and met many people of different races, nationalities, and social statuses. I was exposed to different kinds of beliefs and religious denominations. At my young age, I lived and enjoyed my life to its fullest.
Iglesia ni Cristo:
I received an invitation to attend an evangelical mission from Sister Juanita Ganir whom I met when I was on off day. First, I hesitated and asked myself: Spirituality, do I need to know what is inside me that really influences my life as a whole or that which should influence my life? She insisted, and because of her persuasiveness, I reconsidered my decision and accepted the invitation. . . .  A few weeks later, I began attending Bible studies on my own volition. . . .   I was enlightened in knowing the true Church and the commissioning of the messenger in these last days—the late Brother Felix Y. Manalo. I also learned that salvation cannot be attained without joining the Church of Christ, for it is this Church that has special relationship with Christ. It came to my knowledge that a person cannot be forgiven of his sin unless he is redeemed by the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. I was certainly surprised by the teachings as they were purely biblical and without any personal interpretation from the minister. These gave me motivation to continue my biblical studies and to attend worship services more often. . . . .
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