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"Now a child of God"

By Anthony Darling
Locale of Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

I WAS BORN in Fairfield, California on December 13, 1966. My parents were not very religious. As a child growing up, even though I was taught to believe in God, I never attended church on a regular basis or became a member of any particular religious organization.

During my teenage years, a friend invited me to her church, the New Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, of which I became a member. The experience of being part of a church sparked my interest and dedication to serve God in truth, but there was one problem that I faced. I was surrounded by so many churches that were claiming to be true but were teaching conflicting doctrines. I became confused trying to determine which is the true Church belonging to God.

I began to pray everyday asking God to show me His true Church. After six months of visiting others churches and examining their doctrines, I was still at a loss, until I met Brother Amadeo Melchor one Thursday at the Los Angeles City College. He invited me to attend that Thursday night worship service of the Church of Christ.

I remember that on that occasion everyone attending the worship service was courteously ushered to his seat. Seating arrangement, males were separated from females, was strictly observed in the house of worship. As the minister preached about God and Christ, I knew that this Church must be a Christian Church and of God. After the worship service, the warmth of the brethren's reception overwhelmed me because everyone seemed to be happy and sincere to have me as a visitor.

I decided to undergo instructions in Bible teachings in the Church, to pursue my search for the true Church. After each lesson on Church doctrines I received, I became more and more amazed with the way the minister taught the doctrines of the Bible. A question would be posed and then answered by means of the Bible.

The doctrines were enlightening. What persuaded me most, was the lesson on the apostasy of the first century Church and the emergence of God's people in these last days, through the preaching function of Brother Felix Y. Manalo.

On March 22, 1985, after having received enlightening instruction in biblical doctrines, I was baptized. I became a member of the Church of Christ and truly became one of God's children. I've been a member for about 20 years now. Married with three children, I am currently a deacon in the local congregation of Los Angeles in California.

At present, I work for Brinks Incorporated, an armored transport company. I've been employed by this company for 13 years. Within this same period of time, God has allowed me to bear four converts from among my co-workers, all of whom are now active members of the Church.

Two of my daughters, Tonimar and Ariana, are members of the children's worship service choir and my wife sister Madelyn, is a deaconess. I hope and pray to our Lord God that we as a family remain strong and active in the Church and we promise to help the Church Administration in taking care of God's people.


Story Source: July 2006 - GOD'S MESSAGE
Note: Some words and phrases are in italics for emphasis.

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