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"It is unfair for the Iglesia ni Cristo to expose the
unscriptural or unbiblical beliefs of other religions"

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On exposing unscriptural beliefs of other religions

Many people say that it is unfair for the Iglesia ni Cristo to expose the beliefs of other religions as  unscriptural through their magazine, radio and TV programs, Bible expositions, and even in their worship services. They say: Why can't Iglesia ni Cristo just confine to the doctrines it upholds and not include the doctrines of other religions in their discussions? They even contend that this kind of approach is unbiblical.

The Truth:
Iglesia ni Cristo writers, authors, speakers always try to be fair and objective in their articles and/or programs.  In their attempt to be fair, please note that they always quote from books and/or reference materials written by the authorities of other religions. They do not quote from hearsay as what the detractors of the Iglesia ni Cristo usually do. The following is the biblical explanation of such approach:

For further clarification:
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Misconception - n, A false or mistaken view, opinion, or attitude. Collins English Dictionary
                          - n, A mistaken thought, idea, or notion; a misunderstanding: American Heritage Dictionary
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