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"Iglesia ni Cristo have their own version of the Bible"
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"Iglesia ni Cristo have their own Version of the Bible"


Many people have noticed that Iglesia ni Cristo preachers use different translations or versions on the Bible in delivering a sermon and in explaining biblical lessons and in answering biblical questions. Many of them also noticed that Iglesia ni Cristo Preachers uses the Question and Answer format in preaching and teaching and they always answer every biblical question by referring to the verses of the Bible. Because of the relative ease of answering biblical questions using the verses of the Bible, many of them wonder, but some of them even conclude that Iglesia ni Cristo minister is using  their own version of the Bible.


The Truth:
The Iglesia ni Cristo do not publish her own Bible. The Iglesia ni Cristo uses different versions or translations of the Bible that are available to the public.

For further clarification:
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Misconception - n, A false or mistaken view, opinion, or attitude. Collins English Dictionary
                          - n, A mistaken thought, idea, or notion; a misunderstanding: American Heritage Dictionary

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