What other people say about
the Iglesia ni Cristo

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What other people say about
the Iglesia ni Cristo

A LOT OF GOOD things have been said and written about the Iglesia ni Cristo over the years. Indeed, the Church's successes have made quite an impression to people of other faiths from the past to the present.

What follows is the most recent selection of quotations from the works of both observers and critics.

'Strong and well-managed'

"Why is it that everytime we get to talking about a strong and well-managed, disciplined and powerful church, we invariably point to the Iglesia ni Cristo?

'We would even heave a sigh and wonder what makes the INC so influential. What makes its members so committed and disciplined that they attend services twice a week without fail?"

~ Bodegon, Joel L. The Isaiah Paradigm: Recapturing the Role of the Laity, p. 116

'Remarkable growth'

"The Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) is a significant element today in the religious mosaic of the Philippines. Boasting of several million members..., it has seen remarkable growth since its humble beginnings in 1914."

- Harper, Anne C "The Iglesia ni Cristo and Evangelical Christianity, Journal of Asian Missions (2001) Vol. 3, p.101. Retrieved April 20, 2003 from http://www.apts.edu/jam/01-1/a-harper.pdf

"Today, the Iglesia counts among its ministers Americans, Britons, Italian[s], Germans, Africans, Europeans and other Asians—and even in mainland China, the Iglesia already has set up churches and its followers are growing daily."

- Felix Y. Manaio―111th Birth Anniversary; Erano G, Manalo—Golden Anniversary as Ordained Minister,"  Manila Bulletin, May 10, 1997

'Distinctive, imposing, dynamic'

" ... the INC each year dedicates approximately 10O church buildings that bristle with magnificent spires, feature concrete soaring arches, are painted in distinctive pastel colors, and display high standards of maintenance. Enclosed by imposing fences and carefully manicured grounds, each church dominates the local skyline. The imposing sacred structures of this dynamic religion have thus imprinted both urban and rural landscapes of the Philippines."

- Reed, Robert, "From local to global: The expanding mission of the Iglesia ni Cristo in the Philippines and throughout the world" Retrieved April 21,2003 from
http: / / www.ethnicstudies.ucsd.edu/html/springlectures.htm

'A rock of sobriety'

"The INC stands out like a rock of  sobriety, unity and nationalism amid the political, and economic turbulence shaking the country today. ..."

- Editorial, "Iglesia ni Cristo's Executive Minister Erano G. Manalo mark his 76th birth anniversary," Manila Bulletin, January 2, 2001

" ... The INC does have discipline and its leaders do keep themselves very low-key, something that we wish our own Catholic bishops would learn to do. ..."

- Paredes, Ducky: Malaya, February 19, 2003

'A good example'

"'The Iglesia Ni Cristo has indeed set a good example to other church groups and non-government organizations extending assistance to our brothers and sisters in war-torn places Mindanao,' [Bess] Masangkay, who is also the president of the Quota International of Las Pinas, an NGO known  for its various socio-civic services in cities of Muntinlupa and Las Pinas, further stressed."

"INC's Mindanao mission supported," Manila Bulletin,  July 28, 2000

'Epitome of compassion'

"Beyond ministering to the spiritual well-being of its members, the lglesia ni Cristo epitomizes and compassion concern even for those outside its fold."

- "The Iglesia ni Cristo in Century" Philippines Free Press: 1900-2000 The Philippine Century, pp. 214-215

"Yet for all its magnificent temples and imposing edifices and other signs of material wealth, the Iglesia has remained faithful to its mission as the church of the poor. ... its deeds in improving the life of its followers, spiritual and physical, are indelible  tracks in Philippine religious movements."

- Villanueva, Robert C. "A Church In Every Valley," Philippines Free Press,  July 30,1994

'Impeccable leadership'

"... Bro. (Erano) Manalo's organizational leadership remains impeccable, if not admirable. Who else, for instance can move the INC as efficiently as the enigmatic Manalo?"

- Lucero, Ferdinand O. "The 30 most Influential Filipinos" Men's Zone, 1998

" ... for [Brother Erano] Manalo, prayer rallies, especially one that has a theme of peace amid genuine threats of war, should remain just thatprayer rallies, without these being tinged with partisan politics. ..."

- Editorial, The Daily Tribune, February 26, 2003

'Dynamic stewardship'

"Under Brother Erano's dynamic stewardship a fresh era dawned in the administration of the Church, not in terms of new doctrines or new teachings but in expansion—in the ever-increasing number of brethren being added into the Church, in the numerous magnificent house[s] of worship being constructed, and above all, in its overseas expansion."

Editorial, "Iglesia ni Cristo's Executive Minister Erano G. Manalo 75th birth anniversary/' Manila Bulletin, January 2,2000

"Elected by Church elders almost ten years before his father's death and blessed with keen intellect, good looks, and charismatic leadership as his father, Brother Erano steered the Church to unprecedented growth not only in membership and in infrastructure projects but also in its stature before Philippine society."

- Philippines-U.S.A. News Tribune, July 21-27, 1994

'God-inspired mission'

"Awed by the lNC's achievements, Senator Neptali Gonzales, a Protestant pillar has commented, 'The success of this God-inspired mission which he [Brother Felix Manalo] began in 1914, is all too evident in the fantastic growth of the Church here and abroad Its grand chapels which dominate our skyline are unequalled in their magnificence'."

- Philippine Graphic Magazine, July 29, 1994



Source: PASUGO, April 2003, p.12-13

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