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The following are inspiring stories of Iglesia ni Cristo converts from around the world. Many of these true to life stories are from many years back but  their stories are still relevant, most particularly, to those who are presently studying the Iglesia ni Cristo. We hope that by reading their stories people may come to understand the workings on "how God calls people", that is,  how God move, draw and give people the desire to study His words written in the Holy Bible; and that by these convert stories other people may also be inspired to continue their search for the true Church of Christ.

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Story Title Name Locale Former Religion Convert Story Highlight
I have been reborn. Kipp Keller Anchorage, Alaska, U.S.A. Protestant
(Member) Catholic
(Lay Minister)
Former Religion:
     Although I studied hard and even became a lay minister, I still had many questions that were unanswered. Each time I asked, I was told that I must have faith and just believe that it was that way…
Iglesia ni Cristo:
     I felt very moved by the way each question was answered through the Bible, the answer was supported by the Bible. I was not asked to just accept what was said. I was encourage to ask questions. I was told to feel free to bring up anything that I had doubts about. This was something that was so new to me—to be allowed to ask anything that I was unsure of… … I asked questions, I was getting answers that I never gotten before. I found out that this is the true Church.
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No longer confused Arthur W. Jones II South Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. Attended various Protestant churches, and the Catholic Church. Former Religion:
     Even if I was attending worship services, I found myself confused as to the proper worship of God's glorious name… . I did not understand why the minister would begin the service by reading a verse from the Bible and yet his sermon neither had connection with nor give the meaning of the Holy Scriptures. He was trying to make sense of the Bible by preaching from personal testimony. . . . . . .

Iglesia ni Cristo:
     I noticed that the worship service was solemn, no one talking, only praying. The choir began their processional march. I heard the most amazing voices. Instantly I felt secured. I felt overwhelmingly warmth. Suddenly, I began to weep. The minister then preached. I noticed that he never spoke his own words, only the words from the Bible, no personal interpretations. I was intrigued and the all the more glued to the lesson. I never learned as much in my all life attending other churches than what I was learning right there. I yearned for more.

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It's never too late to find the truth. Leoncio Luna Tactacan Fresno, California, U.S.A. Catholic
Former Religion:
     Although the life I lived was filled with excitement and successes , I still felt like something was missing. I was searching for the true meaning of my life. Since I was a child I didn't like what I saw in the Catholic Church, especially when they bow down to images… . .
Iglesia ni Cristo:
     I had many goals in life, but this one final goal I was not able to achieve until almost the end of my life… . On August 21, 2004, at the house of worship in San Jose, I was finally reborn, baptized as a member of the Church of Christ. At the age of 96, I feel that one is not too old to finally find the true meaning of life. It's never too late to find the truth that will lead to salvation. … I was asked, "Now that you are a member of the Church of Christ, what are you going to do now?" Clearly I said, "Follow"

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Why I became an Iglesia ni Cristo member Edwin Pobre Long Island City, New York, U.S.A. Baptist
Former Religion:
     As a Baptist, I was made to believe that salvation came by faith alone and not by works; that all one needs to do to be saved is to accept Jesus as his personal savior. I remained strong in this belief until my father-in-law told me that one cannot be saved without works. According to the Bible, he said, faith without works is dead. . . . . Nevertheless, doubt started to creep into my mind and I began to question how one can be saved by a dead faith. I talked to a lot of Protestants from different sects about their opinion on this matter, but I quickly realized that they were in the same boat as I was. They all believed that faith alone can save man. Having the approval of my peers, I remained in my belief that I have been saved because I have accepted Jesus as my personal savior. I believed that no matter what I did, good or bad, I was entitled to eternal life.
Iglesia ni Cristo:
     I expected the Bible Exposition to be just like all the others I have gone to. I even suspected that the Iglesia Ni Cristo had its own version of the Bible to support its belief.
The exposition turned out to be very different from what I had expected. The format was unlike anything I’ve seen before. The minister simply asked questions that I’m sure everyone was dying to ask, then he simply answered the questions by reading the Bible He did not tell stories or jokes nor used flattering speech as evangelists and pastors do. What amazed me was how the minister connected seemingly unrelated verses like a jigsaw puzzle to present the whole picture of salvation. He was using several versions of the Bible, none of which was their own.
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Now a child of God Anthony Darling Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. Baptist
Former Religion:
     During my teenage years, a friend invited me to her church, the New Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, of which I became a member. The experience of being part of a church sparked my interest and dedication to serve God in truth, but there was one problem that I faced. I was surrounded by so many churches that were claiming to be true but were teaching conflicting doctrines. I became confused trying to determine which is the true Church belonging to God. . . . . . I began to pray everyday asking God to show me His true Church. After six months of visiting others churches and examining their doctrines, I was still at a loss, until I met Brother Amadeo Melchor one Thursday at the Los Angeles City College. He invited me to attend that Thursday night worship service of the Church of Christ.
Iglesia ni Cristo:
     As the minister preached about God and Christ, I knew that this Church must be a Christian Church and of God. After the worship service, the warmth of the brethren's reception overwhelmed me because everyone seemed to be happy and sincere to have me as a visitor. I decided to undergo instructions in Bible teachings in the Church, to pursue my search for the true Church. After each lesson on Church doctrines I received, I became more and more amazed with the way the minister taught the doctrines of the Bible. A question would be posed and then answered by means of the Bible. . . . .
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Story of a former Catholic Priest Teodoro G. Dizon
 Miami. Florida, U.S.A. Catholic (Priest)  Former Religion:
     I was ordained as a Catholic priest on April 1, 1962. My first assignment as a new priest was in Concepcion, Tarlac. It was there where I received a call from a minister of the Iglesia ni Cristo, inviting me to a Bible study and discussion. I tried to ask permission from my superiors but was told not to go. . . . . Since I was responsible for opening and closing the chapel, I attended the worship services. During those times, I felt the call of God working in me and my belief in Christ as God was changing. . . . . I was subsequently assigned to Guam, where I continued attending the worship services of the Iglesia ni Cristo when, at the same time, leading and saying mass as a navy chaplain.
Iglesia ni Cristo:
     I was baptized in the Locale of Jacksonville, Florida by Brother Venros Santiago. This was the happiest day of my life on this earth. All the doubts in my mind, especially about Jesus Christ as a man, were cleared. . . . . . My conversion to the true Church was the happiest moment in my life. It freed me from the shackles of Catholic Church and her hypocrisy and false teachings which are contrary to the words of God written in the Holy Bible.
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"I have found what I was looking for" Dale Michael Schrader Pennsylvania,
Former Religion:
     Yet, even at a young age, I had always wondered about the lessons taught to us in Catechism classes. Most of the teachings I heard, for example, the divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ did nothing to convince me to be devoted as a Catholic. Instead, the explanations given by the priests, or lack thereof, only led to me conclude that it was not the true religion.. . . .I  tried attending the services other churches to fill the void of religion in my life. But after listening their doctrines, I came to the conclusion that there really was no one true church.
Iglesia ni Cristo:
     The lesson was about the messenger of God. I listened intently and I made sure that I understood everything so that I could turn the table on him with questions. When he finished preaching, I jumped at the first chance to inquire. But Brother Suarez not only answered all of my questions satisfactorily but he also answered every one of them directly from the Bible. This was something that I had not seen in any of the other churches I had been to. Brother Suarez had full command of the Scriptures and he was right in front of me reading the answers to my questions directly from the Bible. Afterwards, I knew that this was not just another church.
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"How grateful I am to God" Louis John Vecchitto Norwich, Connecticut, U.S.A.   In May 1985, I returned to the Philippines after completing my active duty with the Marine Corps, Upon my arrival in Olongapo, I met with Noel. He was then married and had joined the Church of Christ, and was now a deacon. He invited me to this Church. I went to see what kind of Church my friend joined. While I was attending worship services, I had so many questions in my mind. I was amazed of how the ministers preached. I noticed that they did not produce their own Bible They used various Bible translations. All the questions I asked were finally answered. I'd been with different religions, but I said to myself that this one was so different and the teachings. were so clear, direct from the Bible. I thought it was kind of strange since the minister just gave me the answer with- out telling me a story or interpreting from his own. He could prove to me that this is really the Lord God's one and only true Church. I finally decide to enlist as a Bible student. The minister who taught me God's words was Brother Praxidio Ramboyong Jr. He would always ask me at the end of the lesson if I understood it and he would make me answer questions to make sure that I really did. I clearly understood because of the fact that they came from the Bible.
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"God's purpose for keeping me alive" Raymond D. Harper Canton, Illinois, U.S.A. Pentecostal (member) Former Religion:
 I joined the United States Marine Corps. Eventually, I was sent to Vietnam. While in Vietnam, I was captured. That incident somehow made me believe that there must be a God and He had a purpose for keeping me alive. That made me want to know more about God. . . . . When I returned to the United States, I  started   attending   the worship  services of a number of churches. I attended the Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran,   Methodist,  and other services but with no satisfaction. A cousin of mine had become a Pentecostal minister and had his own church. My mother had joined his church and asked me to also join. I went to the services with her and was baptized, but I still wasn't satisfied. There were just too many questions not answered.
Iglesia ni Cristo:
 At first, I thought it would be like all the other churches I had gone to. . . . . . . As I progressed in learning about the Church's teachings, many of my questions were answered. The evangelical worker wouldn't only explain things to me but would show me the proof written in the Bible. My cousin, the Pentecostal minister, hadn't done that. I was beginning to have different thoughts about the Church of Christ. I finished instruction in biblical doctrines and was eventually baptized on February 19, 2005. My mind and heart have finally been satisfied with the teachings in the Church of Christ, the only true Church.
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"I was called through the Brotherhood in the Church" Ronald Howell Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.   Former Religion:
AS   I   LOOK   BACK,   I  cannot help but shake my head and chuckle at the way my life had been before I joined the Church of Christ. Religion or anything relating to it was not even in my vocabulary. My    former     religious    beliefs,    if any were based on the words of a preacher who confirmed I was saved, but for me they were mere words.
Iglesia ni Cristo:
Basketball   is  my   favorite  sport and I enjoy playing the game. One spring afternoon in 1999, I happened to join  a team in Seattle University . . . .  What was interesting was that we were victorious many times over.  After the game, Kris asked me and another friend to play for their Church's sports league. . . . .The first game of the basketball season came and I admit that it changed my view of religion for the better. An exciting crowd cheered and hooted for their locales. I had never played in front of a huge crowd and was awed to see such fellowship among the locales. With this experience, attending the Bible studies became a regular activity for me, not only because I got to play but more so because I enjoyed being in the company and fellowship of the brethren. . . . .As I recall the lesson about the love of the brotherhood, never: will I forget the warm and sincere welcome of the first brethren whom I met during that first basketball game. . . who opened their doors to me and welcomed me as part of their family. Truly, all the brethren who helped me understand the teachings of the Church define the truth that the love of the brotherhood reigns in the Church of Christ.
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