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Notice how Iglesia ni Cristo answer the questions―it is always through the verses of the Holy Bible and not by personal opinions.

Please continue your study of the Holy Scriptures
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Many people have already studied the Iglesia ni Cristo. Thus, many interesting questions have already been ask before that might be of interest to you and/or may provide the Answer to the Questions you have in mind. This section is being developed to facilitate your search for the truth written in the Holy Bible.  May you find the Questions and their corresponding Answers helpful and relevant to your needs.

Browse through the Questions and read the corresponding Answers.  For more information you may also study the suggested Websites or WebPages with links from the homepage. If you have further questions, please feel free to visit the Iglesia ni Cristo congregation nearest you. A minister or an evangelical worker would be happy to answer any biblical question you have in mind. For the latest Worship Service Directory of Iglesia ni Cristo Locales and Congregations outside the Philippines, please visit www.iglesianicristoworshipservice.com or just click link at home page.

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IQ-02 Why
Church of Christ
in Acts 20:28?
I CONSULTED SEVERAL Bible translations and versions, and I found out that in most renditions, instead of "Church of Christ," the phrase written in Acts 20:28 which refers to the true Church is either "Church of the Lord" or "Church of God." As far as I know, only Lamsa's Translation mentions "Church of Christ." Why do you believe that "Church of Christ " is the correct name of the Church founded by Christ?
Jasmine Domingo,
Cotobato City, Philippines
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IQ-19 Is "body of Christ" (Colossians 1:18) composed of many religious groups believing in Christ? MY   UNDERSTANDING   OF   THE  teachings of the Bible is that all religions that believe in Christ, like the various Protestant groups to name  some, compose the Church of Christ mentioned in the Holy Scriptures.  Remember that this Church is also referred to by the Holy Scriptures as the "body" of Christ (Col. 1:18). The analogy is so purposive to indicate that as a literal body is made up of many parts, the Church  built  by  Christ, though only one,  is composed of many religious groups believing in Christ.
Ma. Cecilia Conception, Los Andes, Chile
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IQ-25 I am saved even if I refuse to enter the Church of Christ? TO SAY  THE   LEAST,   the doctrine  that membership rn the Church of Christ is necessary for salvation is highly problematic. For what about the people to whom it is extremely improbable to preach the doctrines you uphold—like those in very remote tribes or in places where Christianity is illegal? As for me, it's my conviction that as long as I follow God and Jesus Christ I will go to heaven. This is all that matters. I am saved even if I refuse to enter the Church of Christ.
Carlo Ulack, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
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IQ-26 Can one be saved  just by accepting Jesus as personal savior? HE BIBLE IS CRYSTAL  CLEAR about salvation  as a free gift from  God. . . . .  God loved us so much that "he gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in him shall   not perish but have everlasting life"  (John 3:16). Thus, Jesus bore our curse   (Gal.    3:13)    and    experienced death for us (Heb. 2:8-9)—He was the one who took the penalty of our sins (II Cor. 5:21). When we receive Jesus as a personal savior we are no longer condemned as written in Romans 8:1 which says  "there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus . . . . . " Therefore, because of the grace of God we are saved and not by being member of any church (Eph. 2:8), let alone your church.
Willy Austria, Maryland U.S.A.
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IQ-42 Who founded the Iglesia ni Cristo in 1914, was it Jesus Christ or Felix Manalo?

I AM CONFUSED about some of the doctrines of your religion, I have several questions which I believe many of your readers also have in mind.  These are my questions;
1.  Who founded the Iglesia ni Cristo in 1914, was it Jesus Christ or Felix Manalo?
2.  If it was our Lord Jesus Christ, did he come to Manila in 1914 for the purpose of establishing His church?
3.  Or, was Iglesia ni Cristo founded  by Felix Manalo who stated in his application to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that said applicant is the FOUNDER and present head of the Iglesia ni Cristo and desires to convert said entity into a unipersonal corporation as published several years ago in PASUGO?
4.  If the Iglesia ni Cristo was founded only in 1914, where was it from 33 A.D. to 1913?
Gertrudes Beltran,
Las Pinas, Philippines
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IQ-73 How can your church claim to be of God when you preach that Jesus is a man? THE LATE FELIX Y. MANALO preached that Christ is man, a claim upheld by ministers of the   Iglesia ni Cristo.  Preaching that Christ is man is proof that the Iglesia ni Cristo is a church of man and not of God.  How, then, can your church claim to be of God.
Dominciano Astorga,
Panay, Philippine
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IQ-92 True believers are baptized into one body or one Church

MY FRIEND, WHO is member of your Church, has been trying to prove to me and to my friend Grace (we are both Born-Again Christians) that your Church is the only Church Christ Jesus will save come Judgment Day. But aren't those who have accepted Christ as personal Savior, believe in Him, and follow His commands the ones who will be saved? And also, isn't the meaning of Iglesia (Church) believers in Christ? Therefore, if one believes in Christ, he is already a member of the Church of Christ. Thus, Iglesia ni Cristo is not a organization but comprises many groups who believe in Christ!
Also, how true is your belief that your Brother Felix Y. Manalo is   the messenger of God in these last days?  Do the verses you use to prove his comission really pertain to him?
Lany Decena Magbalita,
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IQ-93 Why do you call your church - Iglesia ni Cristo or Church of Christ?

I WOULD LIKE to know why you call your Church Iglesia ni Cristo or Church of Christ—you use Christ's name in the name of your religion—when you believe that Jesus is not God?  Also, shouldn't the Church be called "Church of God" as stated by Apostle Paul in Galatians 1:13, I Corinthians 10:32 and II Thessalonians 1:4? Romeo Estores, Philippines
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IQ-94 The temple or house of worship is the house of God

IT IS CLEARLY stated in the Bible that "God does not dwell in temples made with hands" (Acts 17:24). So, why do you call your temple or chapel as "house of God" when, obviously, your chapels and temples were made with man's hands? This is certainly a doctrinal error on your part.
Jeremy Sedenio,
Mabalacat, Pampanga, Philippines
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IQ-96 God saves regardless of number

THE  BIBLE STATES  that God wants all men to be saved (cf. I Tim. 2:4, TEV). Salvation is for and through the Church (cf. Eph. 3:9-10, Ibid.). Do you think that your Church which is not yet worldwide can save man? And is it not against God's desire to save the few?
I believe that only the majority Church of today (majority group of believers today, not  during Noah's time) could stand along with God's desire  to save mankind, especially when He gave His assurance to them—"What I have planned, that I will do." (Is. 46:11, Ibid.)
Ermilita Monilar,
Dangcagan, Bukidnon, Philippines
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IQ-104 The true Born Again Christians, who are they?

I AM A born-again Christian. I wrote to you to clarify certain issues regarding our Lord Jesus  Christ. You teach that Jesus is man. If this was so, then the Scriptures should not have stated that every knee should be bowed before Jesus.
You also uphold that Jesus is not God because He is not omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. But didn't Jesus say that ALL authority is given unto Him? The Savior didn't say that SOME authority was given unto Him.,
Moreover, Christ didn't say that unless a man joins the Iglesia ni Cristo, he cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. But what He said was that a man must be born again. This is the key and not your so-called Church. Thus, who are we to believe? Your Church, or Jesus?
Noel Rojas,
Manila, Philippines
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IQ-108 Joining the Church for good reasons and right motives

     I AM VERY much attracted to one of the members of your Church.  I have tried my best to win her heart but friendship was all she could reciprocate my love with.
    She tells me that the members of your Church are not allowed to have romantic relationships, much less marry, with non-members.  I find this cruel. What if a member happens to fall in love with a non- member? Do your doctrines have power over one's heart?
    I am willing to be a member of your Church so she could accept my love.  To my surprise, she rejected the idea. She told me it was not the proper way of joining your Church. What, then, is the proper way? 
David Dularza,
Pangasinan, Philippines
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IQ-116 On building houses of worship

I  HAVE  SEEN  PHOTOS   of   many   of   your houses of worship on the special  issue of your magazine (April 2003 issue I believe).  I  admire  the  style   and   architecture your  chapels.   I   notice that  you  usually quote Haggai 1:8 and other verses in the Old  Testament   to   support   your   practice of building houses of worship.   However, there doesn't seem to be any  verse in the New  Testament  regarding   the  command of building houses of worship. In fact, we cannot read in the Bible that Christ or the Apostles built houses of worship. How then do you explain your practice of constructing houses of worship;
Fedelino Parto,
Ontario, Canada
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IQ-122 Unity during elections

I MET A member of your Church whom I worked with in a systems project in Singapore last month.  She was in a hurry to get back to Manila to catch up with your national elections.
Though not very familiar with  Philippine politics, I asked her whom she's favoring for the presidential post. But, I was surprised when she said the Church would have to decide on that.
What exactly is your Church's basis in implementing this rule on your members?  If the candidates you support do not make it to public office, wouldn't that mean that your goal was defeated?
J. Brittany Coneley,
Chicago, USA
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IQ-142 "God will judge those outside the church"
I Corinthians 5:12-13  Romans 2:12-15

I HAVE AN officemate, Atty. Robert  Samson, who keeps on inquiring about the Iglesia ni Cristo doctrines.  I gave him a copy of Pasugo.  The other day, I saw a note on my desk from him.   Please allow me to state the content verbatim: "Aniway,
I started reading the PASUGO (although I am still in p. 5 as of writing).  There was a letter to the Editor which alleges that the INC members claim to be the only ones to be saved.   Is this true? If yes,  how about the persons who„ lived before 1914? How about the over 6 billion people who are not INC members, will they not be saved?  I am just clarifying. No offense meant.   
Sir Obet"
Please answer him for me. Thank you very much.
Aniway E. Abranilla,
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IQ-153 Why Lamsa for
Acts 20:28

     I AM AN avid reader of Pasugo and  among  the articles  I admire is "Toward Responsible      parenting"' (September-October 1992 issue).
    However, I have noticed that whenever you refer to Acts 20:28, you always cite George Lamsa's  version   which    used    the  expression "Church of Christ" instead of "Church of God"  which most Bible versions carry. The reason you give is that God is a spirit.  He doesn't have bones and flesh, and blood to be shed for and in behalf of the people who live in His Church to gain salvation.
These are the questions that arose in my mind. Please answer them:
    1. Who is this George Lamsa to change some words of the Bible? 
    2 What are his own views, concepts, and  reasons   for  changing them?
    3. The Bible takes a neutral stand-for all which were written therein are parables. Why does your church interpret them literally?
    4. Why is it that your Church is bringing Christ's name into the Church's name if you do not believe that Christ is God?
    5. Which are Gcd's priorities in saving us:  the Church where we j belong, or the way we perform our role in this world of God's creation?
Jame Jeraldy M. Balingit,
Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines
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IQ-152 Overemphasizing the Church

I'VE   BEEN READING your Pasugo magazine for more than a year now and I've noticed that most of the articles you publish give so much emphasis on  the  importance of the Church of Christ.   Why are your articles so "church-centered"?   Don't you think you are diminishing Christ's importance by overemphasizing the church? 
James Bondoc,
Quezon City, Philippines
(in progress) jf93p3

IQ-159 Belittling the importance of the Church of Christ

The greatest paradox: The greatest paradox in today's religious scene is the utter disregard by many people for the significance of the Church on the issue of salvation. Nowadays, many Christian-professing preachers peddle the teaching that membership or affiliation with any particular Church is no longer necessary for man's salvation and attainment of eternal life. Man allegedly need not become a member of any Church, let alone the Church of Christ (Iglesia ni Cristo) to gain entrance into heaven.  Their zeal in propagating this opinion is matched only by their enthusiasm in preaching that faith in Christ is enough to be saved.  Their teaching necessarily undermines the Church's reason for being and virtually reduces it to insignificance. Ironically however,  these  same people belong to various religious groups or churches. 

The oft-repeated argument: The oft-repeated argument of those who belittle the importance of the Church of Christ is that, "It is Christ not the Church, who will save us;  the Church is not the Savior but Christ, thus, it is Christ not the Church whom we need to attain salvation." The problem  with people who cling tenaciously to such belief is that they either miss or choose to ignore the more important issue.

The more important issue: There is no dispute in the fact that Christ is the Savior. The whole of Christendom acknowledges this and hence it is a non-issue. In the same vein, it is pointless to take issue on the statement that the Church is not the Savior. In the first place, no preacher teaches that it is. No where in the Bible does it says so, either. The more important issue here, therefore, is not so much who the Savior is, but whom the Savior will save.
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