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"Judgment Day - Eternal Life"
Death, Resurrection, Lake of Fire, Hell, Incarnation...
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Iglesia ni Cristo.
Notice how Iglesia ni Cristo answer the questions
―it is always through the verses of the Holy Bible and not by personal opinions.

Please continue your study of the Holy Scriptures
so you may come to know the doctrines, beliefs, teachings and practices of the Iglesia ni Cristo that are purely based on the Holy Bible.
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Many people have already studied the Iglesia ni Cristo. Thus, many interesting questions have already been ask before that might be of interest to you and/or may provide the Answer to the Questions you have in mind. This section is being developed to facilitate your search for the truth written in the Holy Bible.  May you find the Questions and their corresponding Answers helpful and relevant to your needs.

Browse through the Questions and read the corresponding Answers.  For more information you may also study the suggested Websites or WebPages with links from the homepage. If you have further questions, please feel free to visit the Iglesia ni Cristo congregation nearest you. A minister or an evangelical worker would be happy to answer any biblical question you have in mind..

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IQ-45 How near really is Judgment Day? 
Matthew 24:33)

ONE PARTICULAR TEACHING that keeps troubling me up to now is on Judgment Day which will be on Christ's second coming. Hadn't Christ already mentioned to His apostles when he was still here on earth that the day of Judgment was near?   How come, as I listen to your ministers preach, I hear the same—that the day of Judgment is near?   How near really is Judgment Day?    It was already near ages ago. 
Carlos Vasquez,
Manila, Philippines
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Awaiting Judgment Day

WHEN I HAPPENED to read your magazine and noticed your letters section, I decided to write you regarding this: The Bible teaches that there are people who have gone up to heaven. Is this a proof that a man indeed goes to heaven or hell right after he has died?
Joveno de Mesa,
Pasay City, Philippines
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IQ-101 Preparing for Judgment Day

I NOTICED FROM reading the newspapers and watching television reports that a cult in Japan is very much in the news. One of its teachings states that Judgment Day will take place before the turn of the Millennium. 
To prepare its members for day, teach-in sessions and survival training programs are conducted in the cult's headquarters.
I would like to know what will happen on Judgment Day. Is there anyway we could prepare for that awaited day? 
Lastly, who can face that day with high hopes?
Jonas Perido,
Manila, Philippines
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IQ-105 What happens when a person dies?

I WAS TOLD by a member of your Church that when a person dies all communication with the living is cut off.
How would you explain the incidents wherein a dead relative makes his presence felt? Like when  my uncle died, a few days after his burial we could strongly smell his perfume off and on. (No one in house uses his brand of perfume)  There were times when a chilling air would suddenly enter the room even with the windows closed. Don't these incidents show that there      is still communication between the dead and the living but only in a different way?
We believe that the spirits of dead persons roam the earth especially if they have left something undone. This is the reason why we hold masses and prayers for them. In this way, they will also be cleansed and be removed from purgatory.
Chet Ramos,
Davao City, Philippines
(in progress)

IQ-130 Destruction of the world by fire

I NOTICE THAT our religions agree on many points like not eating blood and not believing in the Trinity. We also believe that all other religions and even so-called Christian churches are of Satan. But why do you believe that Jehovah will destroy the world by fire? Isn't that just a figure of speech and shouldn't be taken literally?
Name withheld
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IQ-136 Reincarnation: real or imagined?

TWICE, I EXPERIENCED going to a certain place for the very first time and yet I know I had already been there before. Everything was familiar.
There are times also when a situation is a repetition of a previous one with the exact dialogue and actions, but when it first happened is totally a blur to my mind.
My friend who buries his head in books on reincarnation tells me that these experiences recurrences from my past life.   Is there really such a thing as reincarnation?   Were we someone else somewhere in the past before who we are now?
Synara Dizon,
Manila, Philippines
(in progress)

IQ-141 (3) What is the difference between soul and spirit?

LAST JANUARY AND February, I received copies of Pasugo (God's Message) from Ms. Judith Brani, a member of your Church, Iglesia ni Cristo, in Naval,  Biliran Province. Since then, I have become an avid reader of your magazine and even a regular listener to your radio programs.
I would like to know your answers to the following questions which have been confusing me:
1. What is the difference between God and Lord?
2. Other groups declare that Jesus the only one God. But other groups say that God has three appearances.
3. What is the difference between soul and spirit?
4. Why is it that during baptism, some religions simply sprinkle water on  the individual instead of immersing him?
Jovencio Barbanida,
Biliran Province, Philippines
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