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Notice how Iglesia ni Cristo answer the questions―it is always through the verses of the Holy Bible and not by personal opinions.

Please continue your study of the Holy Scriptures
so you may come to know the doctrines, beliefs, teachings and practices of the
Iglesia ni Cristo that are purely based on the Holy Bible.
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Many people have already studied the Iglesia ni Cristo. Thus, many interesting questions have already been ask before that might be of interest to you and/or may provide the Answer to the Questions you have in mind. This section is being developed to facilitate your search for the truth written in the Holy Bible.  May you find the Questions and their corresponding Answers helpful and relevant to your needs.

Browse through the Questions and read the corresponding Answers.  For more information you may also study the suggested Websites or WebPages with links from the homepage. If you have further questions, please feel free to visit the Iglesia ni Cristo congregation nearest you. A minister or an evangelical worker would be happy to answer any biblical question you have in mind.

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IQ-08 Not the majority I AGREE WITH YOU that it is the Church built by Christ which He will save (Matt. 16:18). But what makes you think that it is your Church which does not comprise the majority of the people in the world that is going to be saved?
Vener Cheng, Kowloon, Hong Kong
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IQ-29 Membership by merely believing I'M SORRY,   but I beg to disagree with one of your ministers who, in the Bible exposition I attended, kept on mentioning the Phrase "true Church." does not appear in the Holy Bible, so it is  better not to add "true" to the word "church" lest be punished by  the Lord (Rev. 22:18-19).
Believing that Jesus is the Christ is sufficient for a person to be a member of His body or Church (Matt. 16:16-19; I John 5:1; John 20:31; I John 2:21-25).   Many religions, especially the various Protestant and 'born-again' denominations, preach that Jesus is the Christ so all of them are His "called out" (translated "church").
Nino Ambrocio, Fresno, California, USA
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IQ-44 On being baptized to be saved

MY FIRST EXPERIENCE in attending your worship service was due to the promise I made to my roommate.        During the worship service, I did not expect to see members solemnly praying. This scene touched my heart, more so when the minister expounded on the true Church which Christ built and which He will save.   I learned that one must enter the fold to be saved from God's punishment come Judgment Day. . .   My confusion set in when I heard Jesus Christ's promise to His chosen people in John 14:2-3.      I do not doubt Christ's promise because every promise He spoke will come true.   But how about those who believe in Him but have not  been baptized?  Will they receive salvation or eternal life on Judgment Day? 
Peterson Bagasbas,
Metro-Manila, Philippines
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IQ-79 Salvation and Membership in the Church of Christ

    IN YOUR   MARCH-APRIL    1992 issue, I came across the question in the Letters Department which says, "Who Will Be Saved?" And the answer that I read is this - "Our Lord Jesus Christ assures salvation to members  of the Church  of Christ- the Iglesia ni Cristo."  Further,   "So membership in His Church is necessary to  create that  saving  relationship with the Savior."
    May I be clarified about this membership which you have stated by asking  this question—Will  a member of the Church be saved if he  continues to live a sinful life?
If one's sinfulness continues up to the time of his death, will he be saved simply because he belongs to the Iglesia ni Cristo?
Jodel Basco,
La Union, Philippines
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IQ-83 On being unfair by saving only the members of His Church?

     I HAVE BEEN receiving copies of your magazines and l noticed that most of your articles conclude that a man can be saved only if he becomes a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo.
    How about those who seriously follow the commandments of the Lord Jesus Christ like proclaiming His name before men (Rom, 10:9-16), repenting (Lk 13:3), confessing their sins to Him (I Jn. 1:9; 1; I Tim. 2:5), and  the like?
    Wouldn't Christ be unfair if He is going to save only Iglesia ni Cristo members? Elbert Chan, Balanga, Bataan, Philippines
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IQ-84 On changing one's religion I AM A Catholic and am confused regarding the matter of changing  religion. I was told that it is a sin to leave one's religion for another. Is it really against the law of God to change one's religion?
Jeffrey Lou Naral,
(in progress)
IQ-99 Infants should not be baptized

I ATTENDED YOUR worship service with a friend and noticed that in one part of the service, the minister prayed for an infant brought in front of the congregation by its parents.
I asked my friend if what I saw was the counterpart of infant baptism. He answered me that it was not. Thus, it led me to write you to ask why there is no infant baptism inside the Iglesia ni Cristo.
Mario Duerte,
Cebu, Philippines
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IQ-100 On joining or becoming a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo

I AM AN inactive and dissatisfied Catholic who has been seeking the true religion that will lead   me to the right path.
When I read the articles of Pasugo, especially the section wherein some people shared their  experiences about their former religions and how they became members of the Iglesia ni Cristo, I was convinced that the Iglesia ni Cristo is the true Church. Their experiences opened my eyes to the truth. 
I now want to become a member of your Church.  But I know it is not easy for one like me who has been a Catholic since childhood to join the lglesia ni Cristo.
What steps should I take in joining the Iglesia ni Cristo?
Maribel A. Casulucan, Laguna, Philippines
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IQ-141 (4) What is the difference?
Baptism by sprinkling and by immersion?

LAST JANUARY AND February, I received copies of Pasugo (God's Message) from Ms. Judith Brani, a member of your Church, Iglesia ni Cristo, in Naval,  Biliran Province. Since then, I have become an avid reader of your magazine and even a regular listener to your radio programs.
I would like to know your answers to the following questions which have been confusing me:
1. What is the difference between God and Lord?
2. Other groups declare that Jesus the only one God. But other groups say that God has three appearances.
3. What is the difference between soul and spirit?
4. Why is it that during baptism, some religions simply sprinkle water on  the individual instead of immersing him?
Jovencio Barbanida,
Biliran Province, Philippines
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IQ-149 God makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. (Matthew 5:45)

I HAVE A friend who has questions about the Iglesia ni Cristo. He was brought up as a Catholic and went to a Catholic school but did not attend the services of the Catholic Church.   Some of   his  questions  are   as follows: "An individual who is not inside the Iglesia ni Cristo falls terminally  ill but God would still heal his sickness through medication and doctors and grant what that individual hopes for to live.   Doesn't the Iglesia ni Cristo teach that God only listens to the prayers of those inside the Church, if people who are outside the Iglesia ni Cristo still receive blessings from God such  as good health, wealth, fame, etc.?    In other words, why does one still need to enter the Iglesia ni Cristo if this is the case?"
Michelle Ann Talicuran,
Brimbank, Australia
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