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Iglesia ni Cristo.
Notice how Iglesia ni Cristo answer the questions
―it is always through the verses of the Holy Bible and not by personal opinions.

Please continue your study of the Holy Scriptures

so you may come to know the doctrines, beliefs, teachings and practices of the
Iglesia ni Cristo that are purely based on the Holy Bible.
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Many people have already studied the Iglesia ni Cristo. Thus, many interesting questions have already been ask before that might be of interest to you and/or may provide the Answer to the Questions you have in mind. This section is being developed to facilitate your search for the truth written in the Holy Bible.  May you find the Questions and their corresponding Answers helpful and relevant to your needs.

Browse through the Questions and read the corresponding Answers.  For more information you may also study the suggested Websites or WebPages with links from the homepage. If you have further questions, please feel free to visit the Iglesia ni Cristo congregation nearest you. A minister or an evangelical worker would be happy to answer any biblical question you have in mind.

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IQ-47 On repeating the Lord's Prayer
Matthew 6:7, 9-13)

I HAVE ATTENDED Iglesia ni Cristo Bible seminars and worship services here in Dubai several times.   I noticed that you do not pray "The Lord's Prayer" (Our Father). In the Bible, this prayer was taught  by Christ.   Shouldn't this also be said during worship services?  
Edwin Gabriel,
Dubai, U.A.E.
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IQ-53 Saying prayers the right way

I HAVE BEEN invited several times to your Bible studies and worship services. During your worship services I noticed that only one person says the prayer while the rest of the congregation close their eyes and answer "Amen"  Why do you say your prayers in this manner?
Joyce Cabarle,
Iloilo City, Philippines
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IQ-86 Saying our Amen's

I ATTENDED ONE of your worship services recently and noticed that your members answered "Yes, Father" and ''Amen" during prayers and not only at the conclusion of the prayer.  Is there a biblical basis for this?
Chou Kiu-Kiang,
Hong Kong, China
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IQ-87 Is it wrong to stand while praying?

JESUS CHRIST  TEACHES that  when we pray we should not be like the hypocrites, for they love pray standing inside the synagogues and on the corners of streets that they may be seen by men (Mt. 6:5).  Why is it that your congregation stands while praying? Isn't this practice like what the  hypocrites do, and doesn't this practice  contradict what is written in Psalms 95:6 which says "oh come, let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before the Lord our maker"?
Rex Roxas,
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IQ-133 The prayers that God answers

I UNDERSTAND THAT prayer is the means by which those who live on earth can communicate with the Father in heaven. But what assurance do we have that God will hear and  answer our prayers? Why are some of our prayers not answered on the basis of our expectations? And what if we lack faith when we pray? What does the Bible say about these things?
Arce F. Fornias,
Sorsogon, Philippines
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IQ-147 On the Rosary WHY DON'T YOU pray the Rosary?   Isn't it acceptable to God, unlike other prayers that tend to turn into ramblings?
Pia Nunez,
Quezon City, Philippines
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