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"Family - Person"
marriage, live-in relationship, homosexual relationship,
same sex marriage, birth control, family planning,  abortion
from those who studied the
Iglesia ni Cristo.
Notice how Iglesia ni Cristo answer the questions―it is always through the verses of the Holy Bible and not by personal opinions.

 Please continue your study of the Holy Scriptures

so you may come to know the doctrines, beliefs, teachings and practices of the Iglesia ni Cristo that are purely based on the Holy Bible.
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Many people have already studied the Iglesia ni Cristo. Thus, many interesting questions have already been ask before that might be of interest to you and/or may provide the Answer to the Questions you have in mind. This section is being developed to facilitate your search for the truth written in the Holy Bible.  May you find the Questions and their corresponding Answers helpful and relevant to your needs.

Browse through the Questions and read the corresponding Answers.  For more information you may also study the suggested Websites or WebPages with links from the homepage. If you have further questions, please feel free to visit the Iglesia ni Cristo congregation nearest you. A minister or an evangelical worker would be happy to answer any biblical question you have in mind.

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The good person in God's sight

THERE IS A ravaging illness that  runs in the family I belong to. It  has already taken the lives of a  number of my uncles and aunts.   I  am not afraid of the illness or the death it brings but of what is in store for me when I die. As a Catholic I have learned that the good go to heaven and hell is for evildoers.  But, it is unclear to me as to what kind of good deed it is to be done for one to be worthy of God's kingdom. Is there a way that I could be considered good in spite of the unintentional mistakes I make once in a while?
Consuelo, Obina,
Cavite, Philippines
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IQ-50 Is clerical celibacy against the teachings of the Bible?  

I READ TIME magazine, and I came across  an article about clerical  celibacy. According to Mr. Frank McCourt (author of the acclaimed   memoir Angela's Ashes)  "celibacy is a sick rule" and "in a strange paradox, it's almost sinful."  I for one am still neutral when it comes to clerical celibacy. I wrote because I would like you to give me a biblical explanation about it.   Is clerical celibacy REALLY  against the teachings of the Bible?   What is the proof?
Gary Macon,
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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IQ-102 Against abortion

ONE OF THE controversial moral issues today is abortion. I just want to know the stand of the Iglesia ni Cristo regarding the legalization of abortion. There have been some talks about making abortion as a birth control method. What can your Church say about this?
Rhea Joy C. Judia,
Bacolod City, Philippines
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IQ-108 Joining the Church for the wrong reason and the wrong motive     I AM VERY much attracted to one of the members of your Church.  I have tried my best to win her heart but friendship was all she could reciprocate my love with.
    She tells me that the members of your Church are not allowed to have romantic relationships, much less marry, with non-members.  I find this cruel. What if a member happens to fall in love with a non- member? Do your doctrines have power over one's heart?
    I am willing to be a member of your Church so she could accept my love.  To my surprise, she rejected the idea. She told me it was not the proper way of joining your Church. What, then, is the proper way? 
David Dularza,
Pangasinan, Philippines
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IQ-109 On live-in relationship and marriage

    MY LIVE-IN PARTNER has been invited a number of times to attend your Bible study on doctrines. In the process, she has come to understand your doctrines and is now inviting me to listen. Through her I learned that your Church does not approve of live-in relationships.
   Personally I don't believe in marriage because it is just a piece of paper.  I know of many married couples who have ended up separated. Their marriage did not work.
   My live-in partner and I have a beautiful relationship. We have been living together for more than 15 years, outliving even the other marriages I know of.  What could marriage do to our lives. Do we still need it?  We are happy and content the way things are.
Roger Castillo,
Butuan City, Philippines
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IQ-121 On humility

WHEN I WAS still young, my grandmother would time and again emphasize to me the value of humility. She would always remind me never to be proud but to have a modest estimate of myself and to have a "low profile'' to show humility. I earnestly believe in and live by what my grandmother taught me.  But I would like to know how the Bible defines humility.   Also, when does God consider a person humble or proud? 
Emilia R. Sta. Cruz,
Agusan del Norte, Philippines
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IQ-123 On homosexual relationship

ONCE I TUNED in to a local television program and was surprised with the feature of this Catholic priest who is living with a man. This particular priest, in his sermons, is very vocal in his stand that marriage of couples of the same sex is not wrong. He reasoned out that the Bible does not explicitly prohibit such union. I want to know, if the Scriptures do not forbid the union of people of the same sex?  Does it mean that people can get into homosexual relationships without committing sin?
Imelda Gasarin,
Pasig City, Philippines
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IQ-125 A word on birth control

I HAVE BEEN watching your TV program every weekend. Please answer my question:  What is your stand about birth control?  Does the Bible prohibit the use of contraceptives? 
Renante Yu,
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IQ-132 On smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages

I RECENTLY RECEIVED   a copy of Pasugo from my best friend. The articles were so informative, inspiring, and enlightening. I have two questions though.  Is it a sin in the sight of God to smoke? Does the Bible prohibit drinking alcoholic beverages even without getting drunk?
Lawrence Cardinal,
Baguio City, Philippines
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IQ-134 On being a soldier

AS A JEHOVAH'S Witness, I have always believed in what was taught to us that joining the military and becoming a soldier is against the will of God. Soldiers fight and kill their enemies.   If you really uphold the teachings of the Bible, shouldn't  you also prohibit your members from joining the military since the duty of a soldier violates the teachings of God and of Christ that say "You shall not kill" and "Love your enemies"?
Roger Bayliss,
Glendale. California, USA
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IQ-137 On child discipline

I WAS BORN of very strict parents. A simple error would be equivalent to spanking beyond tolerable limits. Oftentimes I would think of leaving the house but the thought of what would happen to me hindered me.
I am a grown up now and the beating has gradually stopped but the scars it had left on different parts of my body continue to remind me of the pain I felt then.
Somehow, time has allowed me to escape the "'torture."  What worries me now is my little brother. He is receiving the the same treatment I had when I was his age.  I fear he is bound to rebel one day.
I know that children ought to be reprimanded of their mistakes but must it be to the extent of causing not only physical but hatred as well?   I know that ours is not an isolated case and so through your letters section I would like to reach out to parentsthat they may be guided on the right way of disciplining their children.
Sandra Villanueva,
Cotobato, Philippines
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IQ-138 The key to a happy family

MY WIFE AND I could no longer patch up our differences and so we agreed to get a divorce. She has custody of our two kids who are still young. The tragic ending to our four-year marriage happened two years ago.
Just last year, my job assignment took me to the Philippines—to a neighborhood of mostly Iglesia ni Cristo families. Some are young couples and two have already celebrated their golden wedding anniversaries. On the onset of our acquaintance, they handed me a copy of PASUGO magazine. Upon reading, your letters section attracted  my attention.
I would like to know how husbands and wives in your religion maintain harmonious relationship despite problems that set in.
Charles Davidson,
Manila, Philippines
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IQ-139 Between God's will and parents wish

    I AM A17-year-old Catholic who been reading PASUGO and inquiring about the Iglesia ni Cristo for almost half a year now.  I have learned a lot of things by reading your articles but I know that I still have a lot more to learn.  And the only way I can learn is by studying your doctrines.
    I have decided to undergo Bible study on doctrines but my mother won't allow me to. She thinks I have other reasons for joining your Church. But the fact is, I no longer believe in Catholic teachings.  I can't possibly go to a Catholic Church and expect myself to understand their teachings; nor can I set aside religion or forget I've ever come across such problem and go on with my life. I don't want to be a pagan either.
    I really want to study the doctrines of your Church but I won't be able to do this without my parents permission, if I keep it from their knowledge, I won't be able attend the worship services. And If I decide to receive instructions on doctrines in spite of their objections, I will disobey them and sin against God for He ordered us to obey our parents, as written Ephesians 6:1-3.
    I know that the second coming of Christ is near. And I don't want myself and my family to be endangered.
    How can I convince my parents to allow me to study your Church's doctrines? They keep on saying that becoming a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo won't change anything and that as long as one is doing no evil to his fellowmen, he will be saved. Should I disobey my parents and yet do what is right?
Jackie Lou Militante,
Quezon City, Philippines
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IQ-143 Family planning
with the use of contraceptives

I  HAVE SOME friends who say that to do family planning through the use of artificial contraceptives is to commit a sin because such practice is against God's teaching. What can you say about this? I also heard that you don't allow your members to practice the rhythm method—is this true?     Do you have a biblical reason for this?  Elvira Trejo, San Diego, California, USA
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IQ-145 On homosexual relationships and same-sex marriage

RAMPANT AS lT is nowadays, homosexuality can be palpably observed in almost all cultures. Consequentially, we once in a while meet and become acquainted with men and women who are called gays and lesbians. I, for one, personally know of people who are romantically involved with members of the same sex and are even planning to get married. When questions of morals and religion are brought out in discussions, they just.‘ brush aside the issues by saying that the Bible has no clear prohibition against homosexual unions. l am not well-versed in biblical teachings, so may I ask you, doesn't the Bible prohibit homosexuality? Biblically speaking, can people get into homosexual relationships and same-sex marriage without committing sin? "Roger Frost, Ontario, Canada
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IQ-146 On eating unclean foods

IN LEVITICUS 11:45, God said: "For I am the LORD that bringeth you up out of the land of Egypt, to be your God: ye shall therefore be holy for I am holy."
I've been longing to know the explanation to why the members of the Church of Christ eat those "unclean foods" mentioned in the Bible. Are we considered holy before God if we eat these foods?
Swerte Castro,
(in progress)

IQ-154 They will also persecute you ...

ITS NOT THAT I want to hide it from my family,  but I'm just waiting for the right time before I formally tell my parents that I'm in the process of entering the Church Of Christ... One of my cousins converted to the Iglesia Ni Cristo before and our whole clan, including my parents, denounced him for doing that... For a long time, I studied this Church and I'm convinced that this is of Cod. However, the thought of being rejected by my   family sometimes haunts me. Could you please counsel me?
'Miss Sophie',
Bohol, Philippines
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IQ-155 Interfaith Marriage

AS MUCH AS I must admit that I consider myself a potential convert to the Church of Christ, having carefully studied many of the biblical doctrines it upholds.    I must  also confess that I find its prohibition on interfaith marriage scary especially that I personally know of cases of successful  marriages even though the husbands and   their respective wives are of different religions. Do you have solid biblical basis for forbidding interfaith marriage?
Roderic Morelos,
e-mail withheld upon request
(in progress)

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